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kstaken@xmldatabases.orgApache Xindice native XML databaseXML:DB initiativeXML:DB XML database API - Xindice (Formally dbXML) - Xindice XML-RPC Interface - Xindice HTTP Interface - XML:DB API Reference Implementation - Jive XML Database Port - FreeDB CD Database to XML Data Generator - Sherlock 3 Google Channel - Introduction to Native XML Databases ( - Introduction to dbXML ( - An Introduction to the XML:DB API ( - Xindice Users Guide - Xindice Developers Guide - Xindice Administrators Guide - XML:DB API Specification - XML:DB API Use Cases - XUpdate Use Cases - ICEPick Peer to Peer Personalization HTML Powerpoint kstaken@xmldatabases.orgXindiceXindice XML-RPC LabradorPHP XindiceCFXindiceApache CocoonXindice HTTP Xindice Browser YAB - (Yet Another Browser)Attrezzo per XindiceEclipse IDEXinConXindice.NetXindice InstallerXML-SimpleDB Xindice for ZopeSiXDMLXinCJJava Web Services Developer PackDiscussion ForumsXMLBlaster MOMCocoBlogkstaken@xmldatabases.orgUsers GuideDevelopers Guide Administrators GuideCommand Line Tools ReferenceAPI DocsXML:DB API SpecXML:DB API Use CasesXML:DB XUpdate SpecXUpdate Use Cases Klemens Waldor's Xindice NotesXindice Wiki Xindice Internals Running Xindice with Cocoon 2Getting Started with Xindice 1.1How to send XML-RPC messages in Xindice 1.1Using Xindice within the Cocoon XMLForm FrameworkIntroduction to dbXMLIntroduction to the XML:DB APIIntroduction to XindiceApache's Xindice Organizes XML Data Without SchemaBeginning PHP4 Databasesxindice-dev xindice-users XML:DB list archivedbXML devel dbXML general Scripting NewsMacRumorsMacSlashnsRemotePasteboardMP3 Sushi ServerMac Net JournalWhy nerds are unpopular.Mac Net JournalXindice 1.1 Beta 1Building a Vector Space Search Engine in PerlLatent Semantic IndexingxmlhackO'Reilly MacDevCenter.comMacRumorsMariner SoftwareeMusicPickup Odetta and the Bluesthis oneJames Browne - Hot PantsRavi Shankar - RagasJimmy Smith - Organ Grinder SwingThe Hub - Trucker 50 Cent - Guess Who's BackThe Great Gospel WomenColumbia box sets Sonic Youth - Texas, 1986: Live at the Continental Clubthis is cool Krishna DasCharley Patton Blind Lemon JeffersonTampa Red Lonnie Johnson Blind Blake Brownie McGhee and Sonny TerryMa Rainey Blind Willie McTellMississipi John HurtSkip James Rev. Gary Davis PerversionTrackeriMic Gyro SE table Mariner WritereleasedXinCJXML:DB APIRoogleinessential.comiMic sennheiser 20" displaydual 1.25 GHZ Powermac20" Cinema DisplayMartin Logan Aerius iscriptableAppleScript InfoCapeScience guys do a switchSimon FellNetNewsWire 1.0.1b5change notes inessential.cominnovators contest for Mac OS X applications20" Cinema DisplayMac Net JournalBrent Simmons Silicon Valley venture capitalistsYukon Features Sam Gentile's BlogXML is too hard for programmersgot SlashdottedongoingDoc SearlsClay Shirky explains why 3G's mindset is permanently wrong, and Wi-Fi is enough by being nearly enough802.11b Networking NewsHydraCoding MonkeysIndependent Macintosh Shareware Developers GroupCNET News.comeMusicMacRumorsApplescriptSam Rubyclassical set with the throat singers of tuvablues RhapsodyPressplayeMusicrumors OmniWeb 4.2 released, 4.5 details revealed.Hack the PlanetThis could be the year for UDDIInfoWorldConcorde grounded for goodScripting Newsarticle Core Foundation XML parserinteresting toy open-source repositoryOmni Frameworks CocoaTech's new frameworksRSS feedKarelia SoftwareMac Net JournalDon Box's Spoutlet WPA Palladium Ken BereskinDave HyattBrent Simmons / Ranchero SoftwareDon Watson / KareliaRobb Beal / UserCreationsMichael McCrackenUnsanityCocoaTech Mike ChambersKevin LynchJeremy AllaireMacromedia Centralappeals for love start dating. ongoingCincomXML:DB APIranchero.comMellelMac Net JournalThe RegisterMacNNeMusicMy Stash Spring Desktopscreen shotAlbum Magic Wand SpringPickup CNET News.comNetNewsWireSpringO'Reilly Mac OS X Innovators ContestMac Developer Directoryranchero.comMacSlashranchero.comSlashdotStudio LogCNET News.comTristan Louis has some musingSimon FellMac Net JournalJD on MXSherlock Watsonranchero.comPost-PCmarvelous article WerblogJeremy Allaire's RadioJD on MXdirectoryComputerworld XML NewsSpring 1.3b2 Release notes Robb Beal's Radio Weblogchange notes ranchero.comxmlhackMacNNIdioglossiaComplete Mozart Edition - nchero.comin-depth piece VentureBlogranchero.comthis Due Diligenceprevious post Michael McCracken - WeblogCNET News.comThe RegisterBeggars Group SupraphonCNET News.comMacRumorsminor update Album Magic Wand SpringeMusiclaunch attacks on computers they believe are holding their contentDue DiligenceZinioPalmMacRumorsMacRumorsSpeed DownloadThe Missing Future Scripting NewsAs previously notedweblog format roadmapAaron Swartz: The WeblogMy future will so bright that I'll need sunglasses. ... Now, excuse me, I have some software to writeThe Scobleizer WeblogApple rolls out dual 64-bit G5.Hack the PlanetNetNewsWire 1.0.3Baen Free LibraryWizard's Bane article Planet eBookPalm Digital Media PantherG5 photosthis Microsoft Bluetooth keyboard and MouseApple can actually make BluetoothArtima buzzthis pop up article in the New York TimesZiniolisten.comMovielinkToshiba Viewsonic portable display thingsTabula PC Echooff the rails my original commentserious powerproductivity boostXCode XindiceXindice buildusing an app here eMusic - op 25 St. Anger top 25 Massive Attack 100th WindowMezzazine Blue Lines Sci-fi Hi-fiPodWorkslist of Mac developer blogsiTableView default control Strange Little GirlsThe Slim Shady LP UI changes in PantherSS_PrefsController Russell Beatie is making money for his weblogThe Scobleizer WeblogMacRumorsApple tablet said about Tablet PCsRobert Scoble Loren Heiny UlyssesSpringeMusicNetNewsWire Pro17" laptop 17" Powerbooksales of Internet music downloadsembedding RendezvousXQueryeXistXindiceSleepycat DbXMLthis Acer TMC104CTi I want promotion giving away three eBooksfirst three books 802.11b Networking NewsCNET News.comconsidering the questionalpha geeks written Tablet PC Innovator's DilemmaStudio LogMike ChampiondebunkedRed Rabbit The Hunt for Red OctoberPatriot Games Rainbow Six The Teeth of the TigerHydraLaunchBarVoodooPadAudio Hijack Proranchero.comXindice 1.1 beta 2XindiceJettydeveloping wondering about the valueXML Acer 110TCi Tablet PCposted Acer 104TCi Franklin CoveyMotion m1300 version of Linux overview lot of researchFitalyScott on Writinglast episode Acer 110TCi rumors Compaq TC1000 Transmeta Crusoeinstallment Compaq TC1000 tasks hoping Safari Bookshelf20" Apple Cinema DisplayTablet PC next batch The Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyThe Flying Book The Face in the FrostA Short History of Nearly RhapsodyTablet PC goals Microsoft Remote Desktop Client for Mac OS XiTunes Music StoreeMusiclaunchedindividual servicerecent thread on the BuzzTabula PCreleasedTextExtras competitorGet Rich or Die TryingCome Away With Me RhapsodyPressplayterms of usewhole thing the real CD full album portable music playerprevious post BuyMusic.comTerms of UseO'Reilly MacDevCenter.comarticle Sleepycat Berkeley DB XMLXindiceeXistcontact mebuymusic.comopinions interesting post Windows IEproblematic Rhapsodyhalf.comI've grown to really like iteMusicXindice stats I postedSci-Fi Hi-FiPodWorksgig at Apple Sci-Fi Hi-Fifollow up eMusicMagnatunerunning an iTunes music server on LinuxNapster 2.0 pay-per download Python Software FoundationPython programming languagePyObjCbbum's rants, code & referencesTablet PC RhapsodyLineIneMusicSynergyShareKMC a natively-compiled version of the Eclipse IDEOProfileHack the PlanetCrucialDan Gillmor Scripting Newsarticle Wiki XindiceMac OS X and RAM CrucialHowlHack the PlanetcomparingSony P800Tungstun T2 Acer Tablet PC taken over the Rhapsodyreally like RhapsodyDirectory services under Mac OS XWhitespurswitching from FreeBSD to LinuxFUD campaign SaxonXQuerythisOmniWeb 4.5 eMusicOmniweb Manninglicense agreementAspectJ in ActionManning eBooksEclipse in ActionAspectJ in ActionO'Reilly's RhapsodysitelibxmlPython APISleepycat Berkeley DB XMLsimple script script Artima Python Buzz BlosxomMovableTypesitewritten in Python158 new products standard keyboard shortcutseXist 0.9.2real struggle CrucialPart 1 -- The Impermanence of PermalinksPart 2 -- Re-weaving the Broken WebPart 3 -- Architectural Changes for Friendly PermalinkingPart 4 -- Sweeping out the websmaking a move trouble Xindicecommon problems Rhapsodycalculator Hydra (aka #####)jEditblog paper xpsql different support commenting Pie/Echo/Atom/call it what you wantadded one thinking about PyblosxomBlosxomRSS 1.0TextileBerkeley DB XMLNu Cardboardpricing Rhapsodymy instructions interesting interviewxmlhackThis textileSourceforgeproduct line Microsoft Optical Desktop ProNetNewsWire 1.0.4interaction model EXSLTSubEthaEdit post XML Path Language (XPath) 2.0XQuery 1.0: An XML Query LanguageXQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0 Formal SemanticsXML Query Use CasesXPath Requirements Version 2.0rant JEditSleepycat Berkeley DB XMLURLXML source,%20,%20,%20,%20 TravelMate 250PEIBM tablets IBM Thinkpad 360PE eMusic Levy: Record Industry vs. Music LoversFor the Labels, It's Life or DeathRecord Industry Has a Bigger RhapsodyeMusicRhapsodyeMusicarticle Microsoft Reader promotionO'Reilly Network Safari BookshelfFictionwisekind of like itFischerspooner eMusicRhapsodyWeblog emailpost post Syncato available emailmailing list emailall the comments that I've postedwebsiteInspirational TechnologyBerkeley DB XMLSyncatoPathFinder Rick BradleySyncatomaticJelly Roll Kings Syncato FAQTom DysonMailbucketRSS feed for the Syncato mailing listXML-DEVRobert Belfour Notetaker 1.6DEVONthink Just van RossumDrawbot PyObjCbbum's rants, code & referencesNancy McGoughSyncato mailing list to Gmaneget together photos Fingerworks Touchstream LPCVSRhapsodypiece"demise of the XML database"demonstrated RSS-data this eMusiclink eMusic Mix Tapes new sitedbXML source code Sleepycat Berkeley DB XMLXindicebeta of dbXML 2.0XindiceeXistdbXML Sleepycat Berkeley DB XMLreleased TouchstreammyPublicFeeds.opml FDML announcedannouncing XMLFace screenshots XULPashuaPantherMacmall XForms 1.0 XForms EssentialsInfoPath Movabletype did pretty well reviewTouchstreamWebware'slibxml2SyncatodescribingiTunesPyObjC 1.0 releasedranchero.comshot it self iRateiuma.comSyncatoenlightenment"enlightening experience"libxml love talking XPath a spin very similar experiencesRussell Beattie Joel Spolsky post post RhapsodyTouchStreamSyncatodownload Inspirational Technologypage containing all posts that have recommended products on AmazonBerkeley DB XMLDarryl VanDorpSyncatoSyncato site column Trackback SyncatoSyncatopiece trackback auto-discoveryinvention of the yearreleased an update of JavaO'Reilly Network Developer NewsSyncato me knowSimon Willison's blacklist!XCode 1.1jEditreporting talking RobbMac OS X Utilities bundlearticle mentioned available for downloadweblog post idyaDBXSyncato 0.6 - - - emailIlya NemihinSyncatoMac Supercomputer Joins EliteWired NewsiTunes Catalogpiece TechnoratiBitfluximpressions Flexearly look at LonestariMac with a 20" displaySyncatolicense Open SourceXindiceXindice Webadmin[@id=[starts-with(pubDate/text(),%20[starts-with(pubDate/text(),%20RSSNNTP web archive piece Xamlonlast one Safari online serviceGroovybaking XML into the languageGPath alternative markup languageJythonXML:DB APImix CD playlist postsmake money from multiple filesthis Canon A70 likes it mobile game piracy marks the chapters Palm media eBooksmix CD series Syncatoplaylists talking about a reportresponse over abstraction in Java APIsGroovymust see video iTunes playlists to XMLCafe Con Lechearticle about your Google numberJarno Virtanen Understanding Object Oriented Programmingpain of over abstractionalternative solutionSyncatoRenaissanceApple says get his head around REST architectureSyncatoNBA blogsweb service idea of data-oriented programmingSyncatoSleepycat Berkeley DB XML Innovation AwardsInappropriate Abstractionsinteresting posts Sun's Project Looking Glasspicture PyObjCpost here clicking hereREST style web services APIXML based tuplespaceSyncatohandle custom URL schemesBerkeley DB XML 1.2.0changelog page mentioned this possibilityCanon A70 great pictures Fuji FinePix S5000 Olympus C740 Canon digital Rebel - - - looking for a new jobnew versionXindiceNetNewsWireBloglinespage took issueuse of XML "Technology Predictor Success Matrix"technology winners iTunes DRM cracked wide open for GNU/Linux. Seriously.RhapsodyiPodsguymacro stuff Real announcingSony announcedBloglinesvalue of GarageBandbuy an iPod mini. competition great story suggesting libxslt extension functions in PythonlibxsltSigma 70-300 APO macro super lensThisiSightfilm cameras Groovy instead of XSL-Tnot too bad pybsddb Berkeley DB XMLSyncatoSyncatoLinux MagazineTim Bray new gigSpringW3C XML SchemaRelax NGblogSyncatoiLife 04Omniweb 5.0 hack independent Macintosh software developersBloglinescouple months ago Fingerworks Touchstream LPBerkeley DB XML 1.2.1Syncatoname morphing looking halfway decent on OS Xthis Photography ReviewDigital Photography kenrockwell.come-FotoGrafija Time Gadget of the Weeknaturfotograf.comPetri KekkonenGizmodo Photography ReviewMoose Petersenphoto.netCNet Thom HoganImaging Resource article "graphical composition in avalon"bought a licensenot the only one burn a label directly onto a CDarticle slashdotted article about SyncatoDarryl's review of the Nikon D70Digital Rebel in JapanPsychic Flying Monkey ProductionsHot Rod Canon 1D Mark II GotPrint.comchanged new packaging looks likesupposed to drop USS Abraham Lincoln CVN-72Canon 1D Mark II reviewMonoIronPythonBeta 3 is releasedappetite for memoryCaminoputting histograms to workhere "How Microsoft Lost the API War"set of examples Grand Canyon State GamesGroovyBooComegadownload section Mono 1.0Syncatoalso available shooting sports airlinedid that(warning: nudity)rename Rich Clarkson Sports Photography WorkshopDave BlackJoey TerrillMark Terrill Robert Sealebat on ball EOS 20D herethis link riding the pipe Samsung Digimax V50soccer game eMusicchanged their terms of servicePatricia Barber albumsadditional tracks nowEOS 20D *istDS Maxxum 7D leaking outbrochure announced TextMate 1.0post BBEditjEditskEditSlashdotCherry OSinteresting articleFlorida Photojournalism article sockWSGIKit WSGIWebwareSyncatoAppleScript book A Development Infrastructure for PHPColor Scheme GeneratorMac OS X Power Coupled Adam Bosworth's WeblogSecuring FirewireQuinn won best hack at MacHack 2002FireStarter hack Tales from the Red ShedWerner Randelshofer has released the Quaqua Look and Feel 2.4, "an extension for Apple's implementation of the Aqua Look for Swing.Cafe au Lait Java News and ResourcesVideo Ion-Propulsion Craft Reaches The MoonSlashdot:this one F104G: Silhouettes of programming languages have warped my Tales from the Red ShedCompound Document FormatscharterSyncatobooks Syncatopreviously Brent SimmonsTechnical notes about external weblog editorsArgument for standard weblog featuresMore about standard weblog featuresHow to create a secure (HTPPS) OS X of XML-RPCATOM API How to create a REST ProtocolHow RESTful are popular web notification servicesUsing XSL-T as a consumer of RESTful XML web servicesXmlHTTPRequest The magic that makes Google for working with XML databasesSpring Java/J2EE application frameworktablet with a touch screenversion 2.0XQuery "Anatomy of a Native XML Database"December 16, 2004 Camels and Rubber DuckiesJoel on SoftwareIBM's 'hybrid' database faces alpha test (CIOL)Yahoo! News - Search Results for native xml databaselittle more informationarticle article Raining DataW3C Issues XInclude 1.0 as a W3C Recommendation; XInclude Makes It Easier to Create Reusable Content (Business Wire)Yahoo! News - Search Results for xml content managementXInclude 1.0Apple to Announce "iWork" Office SuiteDaring FireballBerkeley DB XML 2.0.9Blogdigger Search: native xml databaseI'm very pleased to announce the release of XOM? 1.0, a new XML object model.Cafe au Lait Java News and ResourcesIs XML 2.0 doomed? Eric van der VlistMontagXML:DB APISyncatoTransforming the WebFeedster Search: xqueryIBM Flexes XML MuscleIBM Flexes XML Musclepost eWeek article Read on.. Virtuoso1 2 Tom BradfordDifference Between Information and KnowledgeBlogdigger Search: xqueryKingsley IdehenOpenlink SoftwareTom BradfordDataDirect Technologies Announces Top 10 XQuery and XML Predictions for 2005Blogdigger Search: xqueryMac miniiPod ShuffleiWorkManage XML collections with XAPIBlogdigger Search: xquery.Mac SDK gallery Researcher finds strong uptick in open source DB useBlogdigger Search: xqueryMike OlsonNew XQuery Tools Support XML Development Using Berkeley DB XML 2.0Mozilla gets Tom BradfordO'Reilly book on Getting Started with XQuery, Part 2Blogdigger Search: xqueryQizx/openXQuestWinFS beta 1 releasedTom Rizzo of the WinFS team just postedScobleizer: Microsoft Geek Bloggerblogpaper XQueryPeter Kelly"the day you see me posting XQuery example code is when you know XQuery has really arrived.""Introduction to Berkeley DB XML"DataMirror Releases DBXML Transform 30Blogdigger Search: dbxmlNative XmlDB Query Daemon 1.0.0 (Default branch)Blogdigger Search: native xml databaseshort tutorial Stylus Studio interesting interviewThe iTunes 5 Announcement From the Perspective of an Anthropomorphized Brushed Metal User Interface ThemeDaring FireballMagnoliaZimbraZimbrareally cool things ZimbraWSFinderoverview page XQuery with Saxon "Getting to know WinFS"Zimbra"Wow it looks just like a desktop app"BackbaseXSL Transformations (XSLT) Version 2.0XQuery 1.0: An XML Query LanguageXML Path Language (XPath) 2.0XQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0 Data ModelXQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0 Functions and OperatorsXSLT 2.0 and XQuery 1.0 SerializationXML Syntax for XQuery 1.0 (XQueryX)XQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0 Formal SemanticsXQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0 Full-Text Use CasesXML Query Use CasesXQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0 Full-TextBerkeley DB XML Speeds Up Service Oriented Architecture at Starwood Hotelswhat Web 2.0 means Foundations of AJAXiPod Videothis isSyncatoStructured BloggingAmazon Web Services APIWSDL and versioning information (SOAP users)announced Rhapsody music serviceXML is done RhapsodyBroadband MechanicsPubSub ConceptsStructured BloggingSyndicate conferenceWordpressMovable TypeSyncatoMicrocontent Management with SyncatoWordpressMovable TypeOutputthis.orgRhapsody review Syncatopress releaseRuby on Railsversion 1.0 Phoenix Ruby Users GroupGoogle mapRefresh PhoenixBloglinesSyncatoStructured BloggingGoes right to the heartRuby Users Group Refresh PhoenixStructured Blogging plugins (v1.0pre12)AppleMacBook ProIntel iMacApple MacBook ProYojimbo 1.0 announced Sleepycat Softwaresecond major piece of open source database infrastructureprevious post Grid7 LabsGrid7 Labssignup Wetpaintgrid7wikiajaxGenuine VC: On The Edge About The Edgeblogweb2.0programminggrid7edgeaggregatorRead/WriteWeb: Microcontent Design, Part Microcontent Management with Syncatomicrocontentbloggingpythonxpathgrid7cmsDigital Web Magazine - Writing Semantic Markupmicroformatsstructuredbloggingtaggingweb2.0xmlgrid7Atom publishing protocolatombloggingcmsapiNing Developer Documentation - Ning Atom API ReferenceatomapiningxmlbloggingdatabasemicrocontentFake model photographyphotographymodellandscapeGrid7 LabsCapistrano this released Rails Recipes - taggingrailsRubyOnRailsgrid7taggingrubyJobby :: Web 2.0 Style Resume and Skills Trackergrid7jobsherearticle on Xindice taken issue eXistBerkeley DB XMLStaffing Exchange Protocolxmlgrid7jobsAs I May Think...: Edgio = Open, Craigslist = Walled Gardengrid7edgefeederedgeaggregatormicrocontentbloggingstructuredbloggingStructured BloggingEdgeIOOvercoming Procrastination by Steve PavlinaprocrastinationproductivityworkSelenium: Seleniumjavascripttestingseleniumtestwebdevgrid7From Istanbul To Sand Hill Road: Web 2.0 Companiesweb2.0companiesbusinessgrid7HowtoUseRailsWithSubversion in Ruby on Selenium on Railsrubyonrailsrubyajaxseleniumtestingrailsgrid7Pricing a Project - Blue FlavorpricingBusinessdesigndevelopmentVenture Voice - podcast on entrepreneurship, venture capital, businessentrepreneurshipvcstartuppodcastventurebusinessDateBox - Intuitive Date Input Selectionjavascriptcalendardateajaxrubyonrailsgrid7Rails reference rubyrubyonrailsrailsprogrammingreferencegrid7documentationGrid7Selenium IDE: Selenium IDEtestingfirefoxSeleniumgrid7javascripttestFireBug :: Mozilla Add-ons :: Add Features to Mozilla Softwarefirefoxjavascriptcssajaxdebuggerdevelopmentgrid7JsUnitjavascripttestingajaxunitTestdevelopmentgrid7testprogrammingautotest -rails Ruby on Rails for Newbiestestingrailsrubyonrailsrubytestautotestgrid7developmentprogrammingDwatch - A Daemon Watchermonitoringservertestinggrid7Structured BloggingBrand Dialogue - a dialogue on responsible marketingconferenceweb2.0conferencescalendareventsRDFa Primer 1.0 rdfrdfasemanticwebmicrocontentgrid7w3c


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