Thursday, March 15, 2007

Rights on the net

Rights on the Net
We are use to hear news of different aspects, but there are some that triggers news agents, lawyers, Judges, and most of all public interest. Vast sums of money are implied 1.5 Billion
Dollars. This is what Utube will have to pay to a comedian, for let the share community upload on The Net his show. But the question is this. What the News agents, lawyers, judges, the comedian, and the public
Know about the Net?. What is the net? It does have an owner? If does not have a owner. How can be possible talk about Public
Rights ? If it has an owner? Where is he? Let’s tried to answer these simple questions:
The net is a means to carried out information, it does not have owner, is like the air nobody pays for it never the less we get the oxygen. While media in the many forms of information is on the net, nobody owns it. Japan cannot sue USA for breathing
the air, nor John Doe can sue John So for breathing the same air.
If some Kids liked a show and uploaded, on the net, regardless the person who owns the information a shoe maker or the president, if is on the net, is free for everyone to see it.
Nobody owns the air, or the Net. The Internet is not a person,
Nor a organization, or a headquarters. Is a means, a thing to carried information in a variety of forms. Rights own the net:
Who has it.


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